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Some of our successes


Whether you are taking an established product or service to a new market or introducing a new product to an established market we can help you succeed.

- Developed a market validation program and executed a market entry strategy for a Canadian technology startup in the security and defense sector


- Developed an internet marketing strategy and delivered over 200 qualified e-leads for a software reseller


- Performed diligence and prepared a feasibility study for a Canadian manufacturer considering an M&A with a European company


- Developed and implemented a 3 year turnaround strategy for a professional services company that included increasing sales, improving margins, negotiating a term payment for heavy tax arrears and securing working capital




If you are experiencing financial difficulty due to poor financial management, eroding margins, increased costs, higher expenses, a loss of market share, one time events or a variety of other factors including poor sales performance and/or operational dysfunction we can help.


We offer an extensive range of professional capabilities. We can assist you to tell your story and let your backers and your customers know a little more about you.


- Prepared a diligent-ready package and negotiated the sale of a 20 year old professional services company


- Performed diligence for a US private equity group considering a Canadian investment


- Negotiated 4 year terming out of $1.5 million in short term debt from trade suppliers, developed and implemented a turnaround strategy that included a sales and marketing plan, day to day financial management and a return to profitability returning over .70 per dollar to unsecured creditors instead of the estimated .09 per dollar projected by the trustee prior to considering a turnaround strategy



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