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We start with your goals, map business processes, check your competition, and match your plan with your available resources. Need more resources? Maybe we can help.


Sure, there are best practices in every industry. But are these the best methods for you?  You must be ready to adapt to changes on-the-go.


Expected results need to be measureable and timed realistically. Execution of a planned action should be followed by immediate analysis. Was the competative reaction what you expected? How can you improve next time? Are the next steps you plan still the right course of action?




Who is your customer? What are they buying? Most companies lose track of this over time. You are probably no different.


It's a constant fight to understand the subtle changes in the market and the needs of customers. But if you don't you will eventually fail.


We bring new eyes to your market, interview customers, and check on competion. Things you probably cannot easily do yourself because everyone knows you - and tells you what they think you want to hear.


Our Associates embrace rejection that might demoralize others to learn why some prospects don't convert to cutomers. We do this to help you learn how to turn objections into benefits and find new opportunities.



A famous management axiom is that if someone isn't getting the job done, the first step is pull them off as soon as practical! The second step is to decide what to do with them. Maybe they need to have the expected results re-explained. Maybe they need training. Maybe they are not the right person for the job. But the rule is don't accept failure.


Being tough-minded about performance is not cruel. Everyone wants to know where they stand. Being coached to match expectations develops pride in being a good teammate. It is miserable to be left in a job feeling like a failure.


We can help you be a better boss.



Working in a business is a journey, not a destination. Sometimes it starts to feel like you aren't getting ahead. That's the time to pull away to recognize what has been achieved and what the next level could be. Knowing what the next level is helps you get there.


Challenge the status quo. If you started small your focus was to manage cash. When you have some success you manage profits. That takes a different skill set. But in each case you are managing expectations.


We can help you and your team set ambitious but right-sized expectations and plan realistic ways to achieve them.

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