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Testing business assumptions avoids mistakes. This is often the most important thing we do for our clients ... we ask the hard questions.

e-leads Turn Around


In a joint project with ZTMC an interactive web site was installed to generate leads for software packages.


Using past experience the sales force was relocated to a common room. The Manager took a desk in the same room. His office turned into a small conference room for all to use.


The sales process was mapped out and successes analyzed for ways to continue improvement.


Sales improved, follow up campaigns were started with prior purchasors, and testimonials were posted.


With the "death spiral" averted the company was able to look at new opportunities.

Scratch Startup in Agriculture


With jobs scarce in a small town, a project was conceived to bring people together in a formal Cooperative to share resources, plan crops, and create a brand.


While this is a small enterprise, the planning involved all aspects of business process mapping, government grant applications, and a successful fund raising program.


Reliance Managing Director Gardner McBride led the effort as a pro bono case example of how business disciplines apply to even small startup projects.

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